Eyelash and Eyebrow extensions

Long eyelashes and beautiful eyebrows are the dream of many women, who wish to have a more expressive and mysterious look. Previously, the majority of women had to be content with what nature has given, or use the regular ink. In our time, to get the long dark and beautiful eyelashes and eyebrows, you can refer to our Prague beauty salon ESMINA.

Eyelash lengthening in Prague

Eyelash lengthening is a relatively short procedure, which lasts circa for an hour and a half. And the result will remain with you for more than three months. One can choose the length of the eyelashes and the color density of synthetic or natural materials, and a method of their creation.

Artificial lashes look just like the real thing, and will not cause any inconvenience to You. Having them You can safely take a shower and sleep, expose them to rain and even go to the swimming pool.

Unlike the mascara, eyelash not need any constant renewal, which is convenient and helps You save the money. Indeed, any mascara, especially high-quality, is not so cheap and takes some time.

Eyebrows correction and dyeing in Prague

Eyebrows correction can be made in various ways. This is either waxing or mechanical plucking. If you decide to adjust the shape of eyebrows, it is better to do it at our beauty salon ESMINA instead of doing it by yourself. It is better because our well-trained and experienced master will not only make everything quickly and accurately, but he will also help you to choose the shape of eyebrows that suits your type of person. Making a mistake in this matter is fairly easy, and mistakes will be visible, because the shape of the eyebrows is very noticeable effect on the impression of the human person.

Eyebrows dyeing by persistent paints is very convenient service, as it allows a woman to save time every morning and not to be afraid for the stability of makeup in the heat or in the rain, on vacation or during sports.

Dyeing is performed with special paints that are hypoallergenic, and their gentle composition does not affect the structure of the hair. The paint lasts for about 6 weeks, and if you use it regularly, then the lashes are dyed more deeply.

Price list

Classic permanent lash extensions1100 CZK
Volume permanent lash extensions1200-1700 CZK
Correction of permanent lashes900-1500 CZK
Permanent lashes removal350 CZK
Eyebrow shaping200 CZK
Color eyebrow, lashes200 CZK
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