Foot care, pedicure

Beautiful, well-groomed feet today are exactly the same as the well-groomed hands. This becomes particularly evident in the summer, when the feet are visible. Pedicure in ESMINA beauty salon in Prague consists of a set of procedures, which include massage, exfoliation, skin care legs and cuticles. If there is a problem of dry skin, cracked heels, corns, calluses – our masters will certainly offer you all possible options to solve and advise a special skin care products for home care.The more frequently You visit the salon, the easier it is to keep the legs in a healthy and fit manner. Even the most thorough home care can’t provide such effect, which is achieved after a visit to our pedicure masters.

Thorough and professional feet care

In our ESMINA beauty salon in Prague we may offer You the following types of pedicure care:

Classic pedicure – includes the traditional method of feet care with maceration. You can combine this service with nail coating with some special coaters, or just to make a pedicure and cover the nails with special medical treatment.

Hardware pedicure is the absolutely safe method of nails and skin treatment, when all softening procedures are carried out through special preparations and tools.

Medical Pedicure is performed by podiatry master, who treats your heels and also helps to solve the existing problems in the form of corns and calluses

We offer the most effective manicure for men. It is safe, efficient, fast and with usage of hardware techniques.

Feet peeling procedure used to cleanse the skin from the dead cells. We use peeling with aromatic oils and extracts of medicinal plants. During this procedure all corns and calluses are treated. This procedure also includes subsequent foot massage after the treatment.

Price list

Pedicure650-700 CZK
Laque nail polishfrom 100 CZK
Pedicure + gel lac polish850-900 CZK
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