Well-groomed ladies hands inspire, make men fall in love and may say a lot about their hostess. In today’s world to have a neat manicure is not a whim and not an indication of welfare. Today’s trend makes it a necessity. It is a scientifically proven fact that when we are getting to know someone new, we are unknowingly do the first thing – we look at the hands of our companion and appreciate it by her or his hands.

Manicure in ESMINA beauty salon in Prague

We believe in natural beauty, which can be seen in all the details. Our masters are working not only to make your hands manicured and beautiful, but also to inspire our customers and visitors to the salon in search of beauty, to appreciate every moment of your life and enjoy the present.

In ESMINA beauty salon in Prague we offer the following services (there are much more, please inform by giving us a call!):

  • classic manicure allows You to quickly and permanently maintain the beauty of nails, to give them additional health and well-groomed appearance
  • European manicure is the favourite one between our customers, who care not only about the beauty of their hands and nails, but also about their health. We can combine this type of manicure with other techniques upon Your prior request.
  • Spa Manicure is a manicure for the most sophisticated and demanding customers. During this procedure we pay extra care to Your hands and nails.
  • Hot manicure is a medical procedure that is suitable for clients with very dry skin and damaged cuticles and nails
  • Wedding manicure. We offer a variety of options for the bride, bridesmaids and mothers of the bride as it is suitable for such special occasion.
  • Regular hand care includes complete care for your hands, which means everything we forget to do in our daily routine, and what You can do once at a time in our beauty salon ESMINA in Prague.

Price list

Manicure450-500 CZK
Nail gel extension1200-1300 CZK
Lac nail polishfrom 100 CZK
Manicure + gel lac polish650-700 CZK
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