Make up

In today’s world, not all women seek help in the field of make-up to the professionals and some are trying to perform it by Yourself. At first glance it certainly seems that everything is very simple. But in fact this is not true and experienced makeup artists of our beauty salon ESMINA in Prague will gladly prove it. Our beauty salon ESMINA in Prague will be happy to help you to find a new intriguing image, and at the same time to remain faithful to Your identity. Our guests can safely trust the high professionalism level and impeccable taste of our stylists, who help to create a bright image that will be truly irresistible.

Professional make-up services in Prague

Our makeup artists create the image with makeup, taking into account the color of Your skin and hair, as well as face shape, which is the most important component. In addition, we also take into account, whether the make-up is done for the wedding, official reception or any other important event.

To each of our guests, our make-up professionals were treated with great care and the use an individual approach based on Your features, requests and the desired result.

We do not impose our point of view, because everything is up to You, but we still try to emphasize all your dignity, hiding the flaws of appearance and emphasizing the most characteristic and powerful qualities.

By eyelashes lengthening and eyebrows dyeing and selecting the color of the dye, we start from the natural color of your hair, trying the eyebrows and eyelashes to look natural, but still to keep the bright and attractive look, and use either the natural dyes or dyes from the best manufacturers to achieve the best look.

You can rest assured, the work of our makeup artists allow our customers to feel more confident and attractive to look stylish even in a modest black dress or everyday clothes!

Price list

Evening make up/ ceremonial makeup1000 CZK
Wedding make up1500 CZK
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