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The modern woman is a real nowadays hero. She is always connected with the real world, always somewhere in a hurry, she is the one waited for on important meetings, she can manage studies and going to the theater, meeting with friends and spending her time with home care, she can go to the gym and jogging every morning. But, trying to keep up with the rhythm of the city, we often acquire the influence of metropolis, when our facial skin becomes dull and lifeless because of toxins, make-up and negative influence of the environment.

Professional skin care procedures in Prague

With the help of special procedures offered by our beauty salon, it is possible to prolong youthfulness, slow down aging and maintain skin in good shape.

Our beauty salon ESMINA in Prague offers a range of treatments to restore youthfulness of the skin, correct its defects and deficiencies of the face. We employ highly skilled, specially trained specialists and have all the necessary certificates. We value our reputation, therefore we thoroughly follow the usage conditions of all cosmetic procedures. We carry out a preliminary examination and a thorough examination of each patient who has come to our salon to pick up the procedure with all the features and needs of the body, as well as on the basis of the client’s desires.

The rich arsenal of drugs that stimulate skin renewal and trigger active regeneration processes, combined with the latest hardware techniques that are presented in our beauty salon, bring true beauty and make the time to stop.
On the evidence of our reliability during operation and good reputation. We cannot expose our clients’ appearance at risk by being referred to as the salon without proper prestige, because it is dangerous not only for appearance but also for health, so trust the professionals.

Price list

Cosmetic treatment COMODEX (active acne, oily and combination skin, post acne damage and scarring)990 CZK
Cosmetic treatment FOREVER YOUNG (dehydrated skin, dull and lifeless skin, wrinkles)1090 CZK
Deep cleansing treatment (Mix, oily skin)1090-1490 CZK
BioRePeel peeling+alginate mask1490 CZK
Lifting treatment + alginate mask (complete skin rejuvenation for youthful, glowing vital skin appearance, diminishing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines)1190 CZK
Energy treatment (ensures cell longevity and prolonged vitality, protecting skin elasticity, energizes the cells)990 CZK
Chemical peeling890 CZK
Ultrasound treatment to every cosmetic treatment390 CZK
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