Haircut service

Does Your heart ask for change? Are You looking for a hairstyle of your dreams? Well, then you definitely need a new haircut!
The specialists of our beauty salon in Prague ESMINA noticed that a good haircut for the hair can not only change the mood for the better, but also to launch a new stage in life. For someone this could mean finding a new hobby, change the job or even find a new love. And it is not just words. Beauty salon ESMINA in Prague offers You the best stylists and hairdressers perfectly knowing what exactly do You need.

Hairdressing services in Prague at the highest mastery level

We grew up with many of our guests who always come and come to us throughout this time, first for yourself and then with your children, because they know for sure: it employs real professionals, who are always up to date with new trends in the field of hairdressing and perform work of any complexity and creativity. We take into account the individual characteristics of each guest: his features and face shape, mood, character and lifestyle. And according to Your qualities, appearance and requests our masters choose different kinds of art and fashionable and stylish men’s and women’s haircuts, with an emphasis on current trends.

You can be sure, in a beauty salon ESMINA many find their ideal cut into long, medium and short hair, after which You don’t have to spend all morning styling at home. The right haircut can save Your time and nerves. And our professionals know how to do it in the best possible manner.

It is really easy to get to our beauty salon ESMINA for a hairdressing – we will always find time for each guest, and the quality of haircuts done by our masters is not inferior in comparison to the best professionals of the most famous beauty salons in Prague.

Price list

Ladies Haircut650-960 CZK
Children’s Haircut400-550 CZK
Men’s Haircut500-550 CZK
Hair colour1490-2050 CZK
Hair colour (Airtouch, Shatush, Belayage)4490-4950 CZK
Highlights2630-3550 CZK
Hair regeneration treatment800-1850 CZK
Washing, blow-drying hair with styling350-450 CZK
Evening Hairstyle800-2000 CZK
Wedding Hairstyle1000-2500 CZK
Brasil keratinefrom 2000 CZK
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