Hair removal

Wax depilation (waxing) in Prague

Waxing involves removing unwanted hair with wax a certain temperature. In our beauty salon ESMINA in Prague we use only the best waxes from world manufacturers.

During this procedure, only the hair is removed – the hair bulb still remains. That is why after 2-3 weeks the hair starts to grow again, but after a few sessions, their growth significantly slows, and they become so thin and light that they almost negligible. In addition, waxing on the skin is more like exfoliation due to cleansing it of dead cells. During this period, You should protect the treated areas from the sun, do not visit solarium and do not apply any tan enhancers, as this may cause allergic reactions. People with sensitive skin can be recommended “Bepanten” or “Panthenol” to relieve uncomfortable feelings. And the use of mild scrubs or special cosmetics, which you can buy by us for the prevention of ingrown hair.

Depilation by sugar (sugaring) in Prague

Sugar depilation or sugaring was actively used by women in ancient Egypt to get rid of the excessive hair. And today it is one of the most effective methods, which is especially loved by followers of a healthy lifestyle. In our beauty salon ESMINA in Prague this service is popular with our guests, especially during the warmer months.

The essence of the procedure is very similar to waxing, and it is done by heat application of a certain temperature paste with a thick sugar syrup on the skin warmed by the heat. When it cools down a bit, it is removed abruptly and thus removes the excessive hair.

Price list

Lower legs400 CZK
Top legs400 CZK
Full legs750 CZK
Half arms (till elbows)250 CZK
Full arms450 CZK
Underarms350 CZK
Stomach450 CZK
Brest + stomach700 CZK
Chin / Upper Lip150 CZK
Bikini line350 CZK
Brazilian bikini (full bikini)600 CZK
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