We live in an age of crazy speeds. We are almost always in a hurry and do not have time for meetings, we are nervous, feel a huge overload of everything – daily routine, information, etc. Residents of big metropolis, such as Prague, are facing the constant stress. Our masseur masters of ESMINA beauty salon in Prague are aware of this, and that is why in our beauty salon has a massage service and best professionals.

Healthy and renewing massages in Prague’s beauty salon

Effect of massage can’t be overestimated, because it activates the production of hormones and enzymes, cleans body tissues, stimulates metabolism, increases physical endurance, provides psychotherapeutic influence, helps to improve skin and hair condition and promotes the production of endorphins, the so-called joy hormones.

If You want to get Your own piece of joy and happiness, You should order one of our offered services. We offer classic massage, which has a general preventive effect on the whole body, strengthens the immune system, and is a part of the beauty and spa treatments. The anti-cellulite massage is regular massage that helps to get the skin rid of the effect of orange peel-look. It is especially effective in combination with proper nutrition and physical activity, because it will have the most powerful result. The lymphatic Drainage Massage allows during even a single session to organize the work of the lymphatic system and stimulate the removal of excess fluid from the tissues. Body peeling combined with massage helps the skin get cleansed from the toxins and make it silky smooth and strong.

There is no problem that it would be impossible to cope with the help massage. Mental disorders and cosmetic and aesthetic defects may be won over by means of manual therapy or any other mean, but here we offer You the relaxation and curing massage procedures, that will keep fit both Your body and soul. Any massage (manual, hardware, general, local) are equally intensely affect absolutely every cell of the body, forcing it to work in a manner required by the nature.

Price list

Classic/Aroma massage of the back400 CZK
Classic/Aroma massage of the whole body700 CZK
Antistress massage of the head400 CZK
Hand massage + paraffin wrap450 CZK
Full body peeling + mud/choco/honey wrap900 CZK
Face salt peeling + clay face mask250 CZK
Full body salt peeling400 CZK
Foot massage400 CZK
Honey massage1090 CZK
Chocolate massage1090 CZK
Sea therapy (salt peeling, mud wrap, massage)1090 CZK